• Central Asia – great spot for vacations

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    When we’re wondering about future vacations, a lot of times we’re getting difficult time to realize where to go. Nothing weird in that, cause since Poland become member of European Union, many of new flights were created by small airline companies.

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    Polish people are traveling whole around the world, for a penny. So perhaps you will try less typical destination, such as central Asia?
    You’re probably wondering, what interesting you should find in Kazakhstan or Tajikistan Vacation in those countries would be very great for sure, especially if you are fan of wildlife www.kalpak-travel.com/. In this area, you’ll be able to travel into the dessert, but not empty one, without any plants at all. Up there, plenty national parks are located, with astonishing landscape and attractions. Also, you can visit Aral Sea, in the past large lake, now it is getting smaller every year, because of climate changes. This may be the last time to observe water in there!

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    If you decide to travel to Kazakhstan andTajikistan vacation of yours won’t be very expensive, it’s guaranteed. Cause since 2017, you don’t need any visa to access this land and cheap airline carriers created flights in really reasonable price. You just need to book it several months earlier, to make sure you’re getting the best deal very helpful page, have a look www.kalpak-travel.com. Also, you need to consider your luggage. Checked in is payable, perhaps you don’t need to take it? Carry on option is free of charge and it is big enough to fit many of your belongings, even cosmetics. And you don’t have to be worry about accommodations, cause prizes of hotels in central Asia are low.

    Kazakhstan or Tajikistan are really great alternatives for next holidays, you won’t get bored in there. Cheap airline companies are available from Poland, so you should book it immediately. You’ll have trip of your lifetime in there, for sure.