• Fly trough the Europe for a song

    Date: 2017.08.18 | Category: Fantastic travel | Tags: ,,,,

    In present times, after cheap airline companies are affordable in our country, far more people in here are visiting distanced countries. Times, where the only alternative for poorer people, was staying at local sea are over.

    Now, when you like to go to another place, you do not need to spend a lot of hours in a vehicle. Here are two options of tourist destination, which are affordable for you.

    flights to kosice
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    When you never been to Slovakia, our southern neighbor, you need to book flights to Kosice, right away. This charming city maybe is not very common, but is definitely worth to be seen. It is located within the mountains and large river is floating it pass. Because of that, it landscape is astonishing. You have to climb on a top mountain to admire it from above. Also, city has plenty of interesting monuments, a lot of them are from medieval times, and are renovated very nice (help/support). The most precious are churches and monasteries. when you like to book flights to Kosice in reasonable prize, do it couple month earlier, cause this connection is very popular.
    If you’re a fan of warm sea, but you are sick of Croatia, you have to book flights to Bulgaria. This amazing city was very important to Polish people – even now part of it seaside belong to our country. It is great place for each of you, who like to spend holidays next to water, in hot weather, but don’t like to spend a lot of cash on that (lot.com/airline-tickets/flights-to-bulgaria). Because this country is still poorer then Poland, so our citizens often are visiting it. When you like to get flights to Bulgaria in fine price, try low season. At June or September temperature is also fine.
    Depending on experiences which you want to try, different place will be best for you.

    If you’re an admirer mountains – visit Kosice. For laying on a beach entire day and appreciating hot weather, visit Bulgaria. To each places you’ll find airline tickets in reasonable prize.