• If you like history, you will fall in love with those 2 holiday destinations!

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    Different guys look for different things while travelling. Some people hope to experience local history. Some people want to become familiar with local cuisine. Nevertheless, tons of guys are fans of history so badly, that they travel mainly to discover history of some countries and to visit historical places. For this type of individuals, we have ideas for two countries with greatly interesting history.

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    To reach first destination, it is necessary to take flights to Israel. Israel country had experienced really hard history. Once you are there, you will have a chance to visit sites that will enable you to become familiar with the ancient history, for example Caesarea (that used to be an Ancient Roman city) or Mount Masada, where you could see remains of an ancient Jewish fortress that served as the outpost for the Zealots (keep your finger on the pulse). Additionally, after taking flights to Israel, you will have a chance to become familiar with a reallytragic history of second world war as well as the period after it. For instance, there is amazing Yad Vashem, that is the museum of the Holocaust in
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    To discover greatly interesting history in the other part of the world, you might take flights to Romania (http://www.lot.com/airline-tickets/flights-to-romania). When you are there, you could visit Histria (that is the oldest settlement in Romania), Hunedoara Castle (the medieval fortress which was turned into a royal palace) as well as the Alba Iulia Fortress (that is a huge 18th century fortification). And those sites are just some examples! There are plenty of other places that just waiting to be visited! In consequence, if you are fan of history, you definitely need to buy flights to Romania and visit this unique country!